User Guide

Reservation method – Web and official LINE or TEL : 058-227-6991

Steps before departure

  1. Prepare your driver’s license, and an optional ETC card (Electronic Toll Collection IC card used in Japan for travel on highways)
  2. Please tell us the name you reserved the car under when you arrive at our guesthouse.
  3. Please listen carefully to our explanations of the contract details, insurance details, and vehicle operation.
  4. Please check the and confirm the condition of the car with the staff.
    Note: If you have any concerns, please let the staff know before departure.
  5. Departure

About payment

  1. Fee payments can be made online beforehand, or at the time of departure using a credit card or by cash.
  2. Electric charging fee (via Tesla Supercharger) an additional payment at the time of return may be required based on battery usage. One full battery is provided for free for each day you spend with us!
  3. Extension fees – Additional payments will be calculated at the time of return according to the extension time

Problems or Issues

In the unlikely event of an accident, please respond in the following order.

  1. Take care of any injuries
  2. Contact the police (Dial 110)
  3. Contact us via 058-227-6991

What to do when returning the car

  1. Please speak to our staff after arriving at our shop.
  2. Check and confirm the condition of the car
  3. Settlement of additional fees, e.g Supercharger usage, extension fees, etc)


  • A 100% cancellation fee will incur if made one day before your booked time (before midnight).

Rental agreement

 Read the Terms and Conditions

About charging

  • If you need to charge the car, use one of Tesla’s dedicated charging stations nationwide.
    (Also known as Superchargers)
  • A full charge is possible in about 30 minutes from 10% to 80% charge.
    (Charging time may vary depending on usage conditions)
  • If you plan to use a supercharger, please let us know at reception, and we will tell you the best route for charging.

See supercharger locations